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At OTS our focus is on individualized treatment planning in a nurturing environment that focuses on dignity and self-respect.

Our program addresses:


  • Addictions
  • Personality Disorders
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills/Self-care
  • Regulating Emotions/Developing Self Esteem
  • Vocational Support/Budgeting
  • 12 Step Recovery/Spirituality
  • The Importance of Developing a Support Network
  • Faith in Recovery Track

Substance Abuse Treatment



  • • CBT










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Individual Therapy

Each client will have a primary therapist that they will meet with on a weekly basis to address treatment plan objectives and the stressors that are to be expected in early recovery. Individual therapy is a safe place for clients to “open up” about their problems and get guidance from seasoned therapists who will help them replace maladaptive coping skills with more effective tools to navigate the challenges of early recovery. Our therapists provide the right balance between unconditional positive regard and helping clients identify “old behaviors” that no longer serve them.

Group Therapy

There is a reason that group therapy is the modality of choice for treatment centers worldwide. The group environment helps clients realize that they are not “terminally unique” and can connect with peers with similar issues to find solutions and hope. All groups are facilitated by seasoned therapists who run both psycho-educational and process groups. Over the years we have seen that feedback from a peer can oftentimes get through the defenses of a resistant client because of the commonalities that exist within members of our community. Many of our clients choose to stay in at least one or two groups beyond their commitment because they benefit from the support provided.

Family Sessions

At OTS we understand that addiction is a “family disease” and to have successful outcomes we must treat the “identified patient” and the family system as well. We believe in involving family members as much as possible in the treatment process to ensure that the changes made while in treatment are maintained over the long haul. Family members are encouraged to begin attending self-help groups and begin working their own program of recovery. In doing so family members begin to reclaim their life and stop enabling addictive behaviors. Referrals can be made for family members that need extra support. Our family work guides our clients to stop creating crises for their families and instead start bringing them relief.

Continuing Care

Length of treatment will be determined on an individualized basis. We provide a continuum of care with a gradual step-down of supervision and support because personality issues don’t resolve in months but rather years. As our clients prepare for discharge they will collaborate with staff on a comprehensive plan that connects them the services they need. OTS has an alumni program enabling clients to stay connected long term.

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OTS goes out of their way to put your recovery first. Bob will go out of his way to make sure you are in the best program for you and your sober support. I really appreciate all the staff and all that they do. There is nothing fake about the way they operate and really do care. The houses are the nicest houses I have experience in Florida in my time here. No matter what I do in my recovery I will be keeping them as a viable resource.

– Sean G.

This was the most positive experience of my life to date. I went from hopeless to feeling reborn. I also regained my social life and found a new home. Because of this whole process I now have hope going forward. I would recommend it to anyone going forward.

– Wesley T.

What I liked about Oceanview Treatment Solutions is the groups, techs, therapists, and all the staff. The groups taught me a lot and learned a bunch from it. The techs I can always talk to and they always hear me out. The therapists are excellent, they always found a way to relate to you no matter what. Last the staff are great, always welcoming me. I have no complaints at Oceanview, the best treatment I had in my life. Thank you for all your support and help much love.

– Kyle B.

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