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Brett Passeroff

Director of Clinical Services

Brett Passeroff, LCSW

Brett received a Master of Social Work from Barry University and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Michigan. He has worked in the field for the past 15 years with a focus on evidenced based practices. Brett utilizes an eclectic approach to reach clients with addictions, personalty issues, and underlying mental health issues. He believes family systems work is an integral part of treatment and early recovery. Prior to founding OTS, Brett was the Director of Family Services at Lifeskills South Florida for eight and a half years, was promoted to the Director of Acute Care Services at South County Mental Health for the last year and a half of his three year tenure, and spent two years as a primary therapist at Caron/Renaissance.

Dr Charles R Norris MD



Nick Biscardi

Operations Manager

Nick Biscardi

24 years of dedicated employment in the field of chemical dependency

Outpatient Drug Treatment Delray Beach



Christopher is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapy intern with the State of Florida and received his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in 2014. After graduation, he focused his studies on Trauma and completed a 24-week Certified Expert Trauma Professional curriculum with the International Association of Trauma Professionals.

Chris’ expertise lies in understanding and enhancing relationships and the interactional cycles within these relationships as they affect client’s own unique lives and journeys. Chris is passionate in the study of trauma; as it relates to therapy, treatment and recovery for individuals, couples, families and communities who have experienced traumatic events, to help them facilitate the process of healing. Chris believes trauma is an important and often under looked aspect of addiction and recovery and has a unique view of trauma, believing it to play an adaptive role in people’s lives. Chris tries to empower clients into learning how to utilize their trauma and lived experiences to overcome addiction and as a means of personal transformation, rather than a diagnosis of symptoms and heartache. For Chris, Addiction is all about gaining control of who you are, multidimensionally; to treat ourselves physically, psychologically, spiritually, mentally and biologically. Addiction is about how you survived, but Recovery is about how you thrive; by focusing on overcoming how you have adapted based on your lived experiences and learning to reintegrate this new version of you…to become the best version of you.

Chris has presented in Cambodia, China and most recently Iceland where he mixes his love for teaching and educating other’s in trauma with his passion for travel, exploration and experiencing new cultures.
Chris has worked with individuals and families in the addiction and mental health field for over 3 years and appreciates each person’s unique story and path in life. He combines a holistic approach with therapeutic models to help clients facilitate change for themselves.

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Hara Wachholder is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with the State of Florida and received her Master’s degree in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in 2014. Hara is passionate about helping others and enjoys being at the forefront of community mental health, where she can inspire others to be the change that they would like to see in the world. Hara focuses on individualized treatment that suits the mind, body and spirit and utilizes the personal strengths of each client. Hara’s holistic approach combines mainstream theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy with alternative approaches including: mindfulness, relaxation techniques, creative writing, music and art therapy.

Hara brings insight from an array of populations and cultures. Hara has worked with male and female clients struggling with substance abuse/addiction, codependency, co-occurring disorders, low self- esteem, ADHD, impulse control disorder, anger management, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. Her caseload has included children, adolescents, adults, groups and families. She served as a primary clinician for the Department of Juvenile Justice in a Youth Detention Center as well as a Community Behavioral Health Practitioner for Broward County. She also interned for an addiction recovery center for women in Broward County. Hara has collaborated with Broward County Schools and The Mental Health Association of Southeast Broward to help advocate and fight against the negative stigma surrounding mental health issues. Hara is grateful to bring her therapeutic approach to Oceanview Treatment Solutions, where clients are a part of a community that is centered on compassion, integrity, and commitment. Hara is excited to serve as a guide on the journey to recovery.




Daniella Shaw is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern who received her Masters degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University in 2016. She strives to help individuals and families without adequate resources work towards managing their mental illness and reaching their full potential to live a more fulfilled life. She has worked with adolescents in the private, hospital, and community setting, provided community mental health counseling services, and provided intensive in home counseling to stabilize individual and family crisis. She has also worked to provide clinical counseling services to those struggling with severe mood disorders, substance abuse issues, grief and trauma related issues, personality disorders and other dual diagnosis in an inpatient and outpatient setting.

Daniella identifies as a dedicated, faithful, Christ-centered woman, with her spiritual beliefs as her foundation and the driving force to instill hope in every population she serves. She uses a relational approach to help the individual detach from societal labels and focus more on their individual traits to reframe negative thoughts and judgements, effectively regulate emotions, and manage self defeating thoughts and reduce impulsive behaviors.

Daniella specializes in behavior modification, Psycho-Education about human behavior and development and cognitive distortions, and basic DBT skills training. Throughout the course of treatment she works with her clients to help them build more self-awareness about their strengths and stress management techniques. She helps the client work towards developing utilizing their problem solving skills to cultivate healthier crisis management techniques and minimize self destructive behaviors. Her ultimate goal is to help the client become more aware of how to cognitively manage their emotions to produce daily coping skills which will maintain a higher level of functioning and a healthy psyche.




Desirae Monroe is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern with the state of Florida. Desirae received her Master Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lynn University. Desirae is passionate about helping those in need by providing clients with the best care possible. She believes in establishing a solid rapport with her clients through Person-Centered Therapy where she utilizes reflective listening skills. Desirae approaches individualized therapy using the psychosocial approach by being able to look at social, medical, and environmental factors that have played a role in clients’ lives. Being trained in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Desirae assists clients by challenging and disputing irrational thoughts that produce a emotional or behavioral disturbance. She helps clients with identifying effective ways to handle life’s challenges by assisting them in learning heathy coping skills and emotional regulation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Wayne Stewart


Wayne F Stewart, BSW, MBA, is a recognized leader in the field of addictions treatment and long term recovery. In addition to his formal degrees, Wayne has completed post-graduate work at Wharton School, Kellogg School of Business, UCLA School of Business as well as the Fuqua School at Duke University. Wayne has co-written a 120 day Recovery Devotional.  He has a passion to see people recover from the disease of addiction, as he himself has his own personal journey. As a Healthcare Professional, Mr. Stewart has held positions in the addiction recovery field as Executive Vice President Marketing of the prestigious Caron Foundation as well as National liaison of Business Development with Acadia Healthcare, and National Director for Dynamic Life Recovery. He has also helped start and grow the National Addiction Christian call centers. He has worked closely with The AACC, Focus on the Family and The Dawson McAllister Program.

At Oceans Treatment Solutions, Wayne is the National Director of Community Out Reach and Marketing.

Wayne is a devoted husband, father, grandfather and a servant leader. His array of experiences in business, administration, recovery coaching, and National Call Center development in the fields of addiction/recovery, make him an integral part of The Oceans team. Most importantly Wayne’s heart seeks to reach the hurting and to help them find grace and healing in the midst of their addiction /recovery pain.

Pastor john Panico


John Panico R.N, M. Div is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Delray Beach. John has worked with several recovery centers in the Palm Beach County area having developed a Christ-centered curriculum which emphasizes a balance of God’s Word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and connection to Christian community all as essential components to ones recovery. His passion and privilege is to present God’s Word and watch the Holy Spirit change lives.  John also worked as a registered nurse for hospice for 11 years. He enjoys bringing God’s word to the Heart of the addict and connecting God’s word with the 12 step process.

Finally Pastor enjoys serving the church and community with his wife (who is also an RN) and spending time with his family. I am excited to be the Spiritual Leader of Faith and Recovery at OTS.

Bob Reynolds

Admissions/Client Support Services

Bob Reynolds

Arther Matthews

Lead Behavioral Health Technician

Arther Matthews


Business Development

Alan Gross

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