From day 1, I was welcomed with open arms. I’ve been to countless treatment center and what separates Oceanview is that no matter what, they never gave up on me. I assure you I gave them reasons to part ways with me and no matter what they stuck by my side. My experience here was like one I’ve never had before. I had people believe that I could honestly do this.I can’t put into words how incredibly grateful I am for everything Oceanview did for me.

– Daniel M.

OTS goes out of their way to put your recovery first. Bob will go out of his way to make sure you are in the best program for you and your sober support. I really appreciate all the staff and all that they do. There is nothing fake about the way they operate and really do care. The houses are the nicest houses I have experience in Florida in my time here. No matter what I do in my recovery I will be keeping them as a viable resource.

– Sean G.

My stay was good. Facility and staff were very nice and they made me feel safe, welcome, and at home. I learned from the groups. I got a lot out of my stay here. Hara is awesome.

– Henry H.

OTS was extremely helpful. Staff was great. I made many new friends and I just wish I could stay longer.

– Sam

What I liked about Oceanview Treatment Solutions is the groups, techs, therapists, and all the staff. The groups taught me a lot and learned a bunch from it. The techs I can always talk to and they always hear me out. The therapists are excellent, they always found a way to relate to you no matter what. Last the staff are great, always welcoming me. I have no complaints at Oceanview, the best treatment I had in my life. Thank you for all your support and help much love.

– Kyle B.

From the first day of coming to Oceanview Treatment Center, I was welcomed by staff & the clients. It was very clear & communicated from the start that Oceanview has a selection process on who comes here to make every client’s stay here comfortable. I really needed the extra time & support in a treatment facility that I received here. The housing was very nice which makes a big difference.

Not only were the clients & housing great, the staff was even better. I could tell that Brett & Bob have good hearts, and truly want to help people. During my time here I had a slip & the listened to my views without judging me, and continued to help me. They worked with me.

Chris, my therapist, is one of their biggest strengths. I have found more about myself & how to continue to better myself from talking to him than any therapist/therapy I have ever been in. I hope to stay in touch with him without Oceanview. Oceanview definitely helped save my life.

– Dennis R.

Oceanview Treatment Solutions was the best transition for me and my recover.y Before I came here, I was completely lost. The staff made me feel comfortable and secure as I adjusted to life. I also know from experience that they would do whatever it takes to help a client. I have had a lot of therapists and I can say without a doubt that Chris and Hara are two of the best, along with them and the rest of the staff from Brett, Bob, and the team here at Oceanview. They are professional, accommodating, and understanding.

This facility was a perfect transition for me. I also had more laughs and genuine fun times from the outings, to the clients to the staff. I can honestly say that I have not only found myself, but have also found a whole group of new friends. If you are a place in your life where you need help getting back into society and yourself, Oceanview Treatment Solutions is the best for you.

– Zach T.

This was the most positive experience of my life to date. I went from hopeless to feeling reborn. I also regained my social life and found a new home. Because of this whole process I now have hope going forward. I would recommend it to anyone going forward.

– Wesley T.

Coming here I was broken. Straight out of jail from a coma, beat up left for dead. No where to turn, but for help. Through my experiences here, I’ve learned how to have acceptance in my life. Discerning the lies from the truth, God put me on a path of recovery. In jail I was promised many things and through my obedience God has honored all and every promise. I’m no where I want to be but sure on my way. Through the staff and everyone here they instilled a foundation for me to grow up and finally be a man. A punk kid from Staten Island ready and willing to conquer every obstacle because I’m worthy today.

– Anthony P.

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